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Cox High Speed Internet WebMail features:
  • Over 2 Gigabytes of storage for messages
  • Online Address Book for easy access to contacts
  • Manage SpamBlocker and other advanced email tools
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Web Based Secure Log-in

To protect the security of your User ID and Password, Cox encrypts your log-in information
when transmitting it between your computer and our authentication servers. When you sign in
via, or WebMail, your ID and password are secure.

Using an industry standard called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, Cox encodes your
information when you click “Log In” and sends it using a secure session between your computer
and our server.

To enhance your security, the “Remember Username” function should not be used from a
public or shared computer.

Where’s the lock on my browser?
Many websites, such as ones you might enjoy for online shopping, encrypt the entire user
experience, which shows a lock icon in your browser or an address of “https://.” During your and/or WebMail session, we have made the log-in process secure without securing the
entire session to provide you with the best possible performance. Be assured that when you sign
in via, or WebMail, your ID and password are secure.
Cox High Speed Internet's
Classic WebMail is ready
for you with all your
favorite features.

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WebMail, like faster review
and easier management?
Try Enhanced WebMail.
BETA: Cox High Speed
Internet's Enhanced
WebMail lets you get more
out of what you're in to.

Check messages faster
and manage them easier
when you choose
Enhanced WebMail!
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